Increment Borers

Know your Forest Inside and Out! Haglöf Sweden has produced increment borers for over 50 years, and we offer the markets´ largest variety of lengths and core diameters.

The classic increment borer

The increment borer is the classic instrument for fast and reliable results when evaluating age, increment and soundness of trees. Increment borers are also used for decay check-up, pollution control, wood density, chemical penetration control etc.

Haglöf increment borers are available in a wide variety of sizes, lengths and core diameters for all types of wood and trees. Haglöf borers are produced with high quality Swedish Steel with PTFE one-coat on the borer bit to protect against rust and resin and to reduce friction.

The solid borer bit with a barrel shaped tip ensures an easy start and removal from the tree. The extractor is made with stainless steel and metal knobs. The variety of options of sizes and models of our Haglöf Sweden increment borers guarantees the exact right borer for each specific application.

Increment Borers are used all over the world, mainly to control growth and quality in growing forests. Haglöf Increment Borers are a great help to check for pollution in environment control and to keep track of diseases in valuable wood assets. Borers can be used to measure impregnation depth, examine old buildings and ship wrecks, and to date old trees and look for decay.

An increment borer may look like a simple enough instrument: a borer bit, an extractor and a grip-friendly handle.The truth is more complicated: the increment borers are among Haglöf's most complex instruments, especially when it comes to the production process. The hardening, the lathering, the sharpening, the exact precision - every detail has to be perfect in a Haglöf Borer.

Haglöf has produced Increment Borers since 1943. We have the largest assortment of core sizes and lengths. We also produce and sell a number of useful accessories that can be used together with our increment borers.


Sharpening Kit

To sharpen an old increment borer, use this special sharpening kit. The kit contains oil, sand, sharpening stones where one is conical for inside sharpening and beeswax. The wax is used to protect the tip and provide a better glide. The kits are equipped with instructions on how to sharpen the borer. NOTE! Oil and wax can only be shipped to a limited number of destinations and the contents of the sharpening kit may therefore vary from market to market.

Borer Starter

Foldable. Useful for easier boring into the tree and better cores. When using the borer starter you can prolong the lifetime of your increment borer bit and also use less effort, especially when taking multiple samples.

Haglöf Sweden recommends using of borer starter when drilling in hardwood!

Tree Core Reader

Tree Core Reader is a new field instrument developed with the experience from increment borer production for more than 70 years and in cooperation with a leading European forest research institute.

The Tree Core Reader serves to perform field analysis work of tree core samples. By examining the core in the high quality optic lens, the operator can determine the conditions of the tree, its growth, age and increment, all based on the extracted wood core sample examinations.