Mantax Digitech

The Digitech Caliper is the perfect choice for storing diameters and heights. The lightweight Digitech is produced in four different lengths and has outstanding communication capacities. Available either as DIGICRUIS model for CRUISING or DIGILOG, for LOG MEASURING. Easy does it with the Digitech!

The Mantax Digitech is ideal for many different applications! It is used in work areas such as cruising, log measuring, within fishery industry and wildlife management. The Digitech will store diameters and heights of thousands of objects and has extremely low battery consumption thanks to the unique non-contact measuring system.

Digitech is user friendly and requires very short learning period. It has great communication possibilities with on-line radio transfer. Several Digitechs can transmit measuring results to one handheld for storage & processing, and the transfers can be kept separate and identified to each operator. The Digitech is the flexible instrument you need to add value to present and future investments.


Transfer information through radio
Transfer data up to 25 m/100 feet to a field computer
Receive height information from Vertex Hypsometer via IR
Each unit has a unique ID to ensure proper data reception in the field computer
Able to use multiple calipers for each field computer