Mantax blue caliper

The Mantax Blue for Excellent Diameter Measuring. With its adjustable jaws and unique design in bright blue, visible colour, the Mantax Blue will be great for diameter measuring in any environment. Available in the markets largest assortment of scale lengths and graduation options, the Mantax Blue is a diameter caliper you can depend on for many years to come.

Mantax Blue calipers are used for a wide variety of applications in many different operation areas: Diameter measuring of trees and timber, log scaling, in fishery industry & wildlife management, and in healthcare industry. The Mantax Blue is often found within research studies where statistics are gathered, for example on length of tuna fish or shellfish in a certain area, width of turtle shells, and to measure bone length and BMI of persons.

The simple construction of Mantax Blue allows any operator to start working immediately. Mantax Blue scale is made of lightweight aluminium. Choose from a large variety of scale options and graduations, from 40 cm up to 127 cm, inch graduation, cm/inch combo or circonference with digits that will not wear even after years of use. No delicate parts, no corrosion, no deterioration of scale graduation.

Use the Mantax Blue together with Gator Eyes for diameter measuring from a distance, and Marktax Marking System to measure and mark in one movement. Other accessories: holster to carry Mantax Blue in belt