EC II - R with basal area function

The EC II - R for height, inclination, volume and basal area - small size multi functioning instrument for Northern forests.
Measure the height, count number of stems and calculate the basal area and the volume with this Haglöf EC II - R Factor Gauge. A compact instrument offering numerous functions for your forest evaluation work.

The accurate and powerful Haglöf EC II - R in a special version, that will improve your efficiency and shorten your hours in the field.

The easy-to-use EC II - R instrument offers very precise height results from any known distance. A revolutionary technique allows you to measure the heights and inclination that you need, using an instrument so small, that you will never notice carrying it.

The EC II - R Factor Gauge model features all functions in the EC II - R , plus special counting functions for basal area and volume. Your measuring results are given to you directly in the display, processed by the instrument, eliminating any risk of calculation errors. Volume functions are based on Scandinavian forests; contact us directly or your Haglöf representative for advice and information for your area!

Extremely Small – yet Powerful and Rugged!
Measures Heights at any Distance!
Calculate Basal area!
Calculate Volume/Ha!
Display Featuring Correct Results Instantly!
Eliminates Calculating Errors
Easy-to-use with Quick Guide included with each instrument
Low Battery Consumption
Accurate and Reliable