Digitech Professional II (DP II)

The DP II is a light weight, versatile and super efficient diameter measuring caliper, adapted for timber measuring, log scaling, and standing tree inventory. Many attractive new features make the DP II an optimized working instrument for modern measuring work in forests and on industries.

  • The latest, lightest, fastest and best adapted caliper on the market
  • Rugged and versatile with flexible operation modes
  • Smooth contact surfaces to protect from moist and dirt and an extra rugged display
  • Great communication capacities
  • Great customization possibilities
  • Unique accessories for improved efficiency
  • Haglöf Sweden Quality Craftsmanship Production with experience and know-how in every detail

The DP II is a light weight, versatile and super efficient diameter measuring caliper, adapted for timber measuring, log scaling, and standing tree inventory. Many attractive new features make the DP II an optimized working instrument for modern measuring work in forests and on industries.

The jaws on the DP II are designed for comfortable use in narrow spaces such as timber stacks and dense tree branches. The operator can work with the caliper SmartScale™ equipped with a remote enter button as a stand-alone unit, sending diameter data wireless to the terminal for storage and processing in the terminal. The powerful computer terminal can be worn on the operator's armwrist or in the pocket. The diversified work modes make measuring where vegetation and branches are thick and where logs are stacked in piles easier. The DP II SmartScale can also communicate with other handheld computers through the DP232 accessory, making it possible for operators of handheld computers to send diameter results straight to the computer for storage and processing.

DPII_180x130The DP II terminal weighs less than 140grams, and a complete DP II caliper with scale and terminal is just under 900 grams. With great design and prestanda, the DP II is user friendly, extremely rugged, has reliable storage in combination with quick processing and great capacities for field operations. This superslim and ultramodern caliper is actually as light and easy to use as a manual precision caliper!

The DP II is compatible with the unique accessories the Digitech Tape, the Gator Eyes, the Digitech Keyboard, the Remote Enter Button and the brand new DP DME for distance measuring in circular sample plots. Haglöf Sweden have ready made software applications for the DP II - and can provide custom applications following your specifications. The DP II has built-in rechargable batteries and an absolute measuring system with many different graduations and length options from 500mm or 18" to 1020mm or 40". It will work dusk and dark, in cold and rain and in temperatures from -20C to +60C.


Switch between software in the field and be more efficient
Communicate wireless with any other Bluetooth® unit
Save space when walking or storing with foldable jaws
Detachable computer terminal gives you two instruments in one
Use computer terminal as stand-alone handheld computer
Userfriendly, simple to learn
Multilanguage operating system: English, Swedish, Spanish, French or German
Non-contact measuring system
No mechanical wear
Rechargable battery for recharge in car, truck, harvester, the office
Low battery consumption: Work more than a week on one single battery charge
The DP II computer terminal placed on the wrist and the caliper SmartScale used to measure standing trees. The caliper scale here with remote enter button for execution of diameter measuring results with both hands, enabling measuring in very narrow spaces such as timber stacks.
DP II Bluetooth® complete standard set incl. caliper and specified scale length, aluminium safety case, USB cable, USB adapter, USB car adapter, AC/DC international charger. Choose model with Remote radio enter button factory assembled or without Remote enter button.


The DP II SmartScale solution is excellent for caliper users that measure quantitative amounts of timber and trees, and who work in areas where space is an issue, for example in timber piles and when cruising in dense forest environment.

The DP II is a light weight and well balanced caliper, features that are much appreciated and even necessary when working in dense and narrow measuring situation. The jaws are slim and strong to fit under and in between logs in piles. Another advantage is the possibility to turn the caliper upside down and to the side and really squeeze in the jaws where it is possible to get a true and valid measurement - also where it seems impossible. In the new DP II caliper, the smooth computer terminal can be detached from the scale with a simple motion and worn on the wrist or in a pocket, offering the user extended operation area and a caliper as small and lean as a mechanical caliper. The DP II SmartScale can communicate not only with the custom DP II terminal but also with other brand PDA's, offering users added value for their investments. The low weight SmartScale (500 mm scale length weight approx. 750g) has an absolute measuring system protected from moist and dirt. The graduation and digits are very durable and practically impossible to wear down. The SmartScale is fully charged in approx. 3 hrs and the power consumtion is application depending, but always comparably low. A LED light will warn if the energy level starts to wear out.

Serial data is sent from the SmartScale to the handheld with parameters Baud 1200, 8, N, 1. The format is compatible with the Haglöf Mantax Digitech® digital caliper, where the first digit refers to tree species (1..8) and the following digits refer to tree diameter (0..999mm). The DP232 is synchronized with the SmartScale and the DP remote enter button. Once the radio button is synchronized with the DP 232, registering of tree species by button press x numbers of times (1 press = tree species 1; 2 presses = tree species 2; 1 short press + 1 long press = tree species 5, etc) can be made.

Perfect accessory for log scaling and when your work includes large area inventories! The new factory assembled Radio Enterbutton makes the work less tiring and easier to perform, also in narrow spaces and log piles! Order your next Smart ScaleTM with the Radio Enter Button factory assembled or contact us for details on upgrading your Smart ScaleTM with the Enter Button. Read more here!
Complete SmartScale packet includes SmartScale in selected length, Remote Radio Enter Button, DP 232 radio receiver, cable, adapter, charger and transport box. Other graduations available!

The New DP II Gator Eyes caliper has a built-in height measuring function

The function is software moderated and built-in, in our Gator Eyes equipped computer caliper. Do you wish to upgrade your software and DP II to a Gator Eyes Clinometer caliper?

The DP II can send data through Bluetooth® to a field printer (see image for example of printer). This work mode enables you to print out lists of marked trees, log tally or other data, on site, in the forest and for your immediate examination. Contact us for more details on how your different work tools can be tied together and communicate, allowing you to perform an even more effective field operation!